Skilled and Thrilled Insights Analyst/Market Researcher

Insights Analyst/Market Researcher

Skilled and Thrilled Insights Analyst/Market Researcher

Does Excel, Microsoft Forms and Alchemer excite you? Are you a master of turning large amounts of information into impactful and clear presentations? Do you love delving into consumer behavior, brand satisfaction, and market trends? Then, keep reading! We are searching for an Insights Analyst/Market Researcher for a company that’s on an exciting journey to create the meeting places of the future. Do you want to be part of that? Don’t hesitate to apply.

Your new job

Your new job revolves around supporting your colleagues at the Strategy & Insights subdomain in cultivating a culture focused on consumers, visitors, communities, and partners. How? You’ll collaborate across the organization to deliver research, data, and actionable insights. You will also support the execution of surveys and effectively share insights across multiple stakeholders. A day at your new office will also consist of developing and presenting research findings in a visually appealing manner to inform decision-makers, collaborating with external partners to procure and develop third-party research material, and leading various market research initiatives across multiple markets and business topics. Since you have an expertise in research design, execution, analysis, and commentary, you’ll apply this on a vast amount of data.


You have a background from similar roles, and experience within marketing research and insights. Also, you’ve been working with marketing surveys for several years. Since you are a brilliant speaker, writer, and presenter, you can communicate your findings and large amount of information in an impactful and clear way to different stakeholders. You like working independently, but love collaborating with a team. Consumer behavior, brand satisfaction, and market trends are your biggest passions. But foremost, you are an energetic, purpose-led, and problem-solving person.

Your qualifications

You are experienced in insights/marketing research with a focus on consumer behavior, retail, brand, visitor and partner satisfaction. You have a strong track record of using a range of research skills (qualitative, quantitative, secondary) in multi-stage global research projects. Proficient in conducting research across multiple markets simultaneously? Check. Well-versed in retail and shopping center markets? Check, check. When it comes to oral and written communication as well as presentation skills, you are absolutely smashing it. On your list of skills are also Excel, data analysis tools, and conducting surveys in digital survey tools, e.g. Microsoft Forms and Alchemer.