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This might be an impossible ad. But LumenRadio is not a fan of limitations, they are convinced that you are out there. Just waiting to join them on their journey towards becoming the market leader within wireless technology and IoT. So welcome to what might be a life changer for you. And for the brand of LumenRadio.

The company started in Gothenburg by delivering IoT solutions to control light shows at large concerts and events. Today they are a global actor in wireless communication and their patented wireless technology is used in several areas such as energy monitoring, sensor applications and property automation. Over to you.

Hello communicatively skilled engineer or technically passionate marketer

To be the front woman or man in this area you need to think big, because LumenRadio aims high. Maybe you are a communicatively skilled engineer, maybe a creative thinker that loves technology. Regardless you are probably one of those that immediately looks for the technical solution when entering a room. Or gets really frustrated when it doesn't work, because without connected technology… what’s the point? You live life in the fast lane and thrive when you are one step ahead of everyone else. You don’t react, you act proactively (if you can say that fast ten times in a row you are definitely ahead of your competitors). Your motto is Product is King and since LumenRadio operates in a complex industry with complex products, you are also a fan of simplicity. Turning complexity into sheer obviousness is simply your thing.

Your very very diverse role

As Marketing Director you will be part of an international company that brings new and innovative products into the world. Feel free to read that sentence again. Sounds good, right? The management team is small so your personal contribution is a big deal. In more than one way, because this brand has high ambitions. So your responsibilities are a multifaceted creation including developing and executing plans to define, establish and strengthen the brand, allocating resources to different projects while setting short- and long-term department goals (phew, you don’t have to read that sentence again). You will also represent LumenRadio at forums and events where you take on the role as presenter and spokesperson. In short – you will run the marketing department in ways that promote higher awareness, profitability and competitiveness for the brand.

Your responsibilities – the elevator pitch

Besides leading just about all aspects of the brand related growth, you will…

  • Identify opportunities to reach new market segments and expand market share
  • Help LumenRadio to get access to the R&D departments at global brands
  • Analyse consumer behaviour and customer personas
  • Handle press contacts and other outreach to the different markets
  • Understand the client’s challenges and translate them into effective communication
  • Monitor competition
  • Ensure our brand message is strong and consistent across all channels
  • Define and execute strategies for all marketing activities
  • Design branding, positioning and communication strategies
  • Manage the marketing team


This is a full-time employment at LumenRadio. Questions? Feel free to contact Philip Lundahl Send your application as soon as possible.

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Ansökningstiden för detta jobbet har gått ut. Men, kolla gärna våra aktuella jobb här.

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